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  • Gary Cline

Why do I need to use a Pest Control Company?

This is kind of like a Testimony or Review, but I was one of those home owners that just sprayed for bugs when I needed to. i would get those "sugar ants" each year and each year they would show up in a different place in the house. I would use Terro, which does work very good. I would use Seven Dust in the yard to kill the main things like fleas, ticks, ants and more.

I kept telling myself that I would get someone to treat the house, but would always forget and put if off till a later time.

Why I got a Professional

I finally made the decision to work with All-State Pest and Termite Control because of the ongoing need to control the ants, treatment of the yard, mice on and off in the house. I know I should have done this many years ago. It has to do with pride of my home, safety, and health.

What benefit have I seen

Since working with a Professional Company:

  • Less ants "Sugar Ants"

  • Reduced sounds and remains from mice in the house.

  • Better sense of safety and health.

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